TRANSITIONS May 2005 Prince George Playhouse

I was pushed a bit into this exhibition.  It consists of paintings I had mostly completed in the two year period leading up to my retirement from St. Giles' Presbyterian Church, Prince George, BC on June 1, 2005.  I really had to scramble to find paintings to fill the space.  It was interesting to see them all together.  They certainly showed some of the struggle to find technique and a voice.  It was in this period that I decided to focus principally on landscape painting.  The Canadian landscape provides an infinite variety of simple, strong, colourful and majestic images with which to work.  I was gratified by many kind comments and encouraged by the sale of a painting.

MOUNTAIN MAGIC March 2006  Prince George Playhouse 

All of the paintings in this exhibition, which opened on February 28, 2006, were painted during the nine months since my June 1, 2005 retirement.  Elsewhere on the website I speak of my love affair with the mountains.  This exhibition is a tribute to the joy I received in their midst over the last 12 or so years.  They endlessly delight and amaze.  I am much more relaxed now as a painter, more comfortable with the medium and less frustrated than a year ago.  I think that's beginning to show in the images and, for the most part, the freer brush work.


I hope those of you who managed to attend an exhibition enjoyed it.  Mountain Magic is now closed. The paintings in both exhibitions are still in the Painting Gallery, both the many sold paintings and those still available.  Thanks for viewing.  Rod



The exhibition Mountain Magic opened on February 28 at 7:30 pm in the Prince George Playhouse.  It was an exciting and gratifying evening as most of paintings sold!  This leaves a few still available which you can find in the Painting Gallery.  Here are some photos of the exhibition.



Here I am enjoying the evening.  Rod

WINTER   November 2006   Vernissage (Opening reception) 7:30pm Oct. 30  

The next exhibition will hang throughout the month of November at the Prince George Playhouse.  Winter is the quintessential Canadian experience.  Snow, ice, storms and brilliant sunshine are all a part of the experience.  Prince George is a winter city, and the countryside is a showcase of winter wonder.  The first painting completed for this show is seen on the right, as well as in the Painting Gallery, along with a number of others. The paintings will appear on the website over the next months.  Enjoy.  Rod

Here and There  June 2007

Opening on June 4 and throughout the month, Here and There features paintings from across the country largely based on photos  taken on our 2 month summer camping trip in 2006.  There are many impressions to paint but events make it necesaryto have an exhibition now and probabl not again until the late fall of 2008. The paintings are all in the Painting Gallery


Vernisage: Monday, November 17, 7:30 pm, The Prince George Playhouse Lobby. Showing until December 13.  The best show yet!

RECENT PAINTINGS - Vernissage, May 6, 2012 at Restaurant AIKAWA, Dollard des Ormeau (Montreal).


Here Jo and friends chat at the opening. A great evening of wine and sushi (and sales). Like the June 2007 show, the paintings spanned the country, but had no aprticular theme, thouhg Maritime paintings dominated the new work.