Rod Ferguson, Canadian landscape artist
paintings in the Canadian tradition



The Canadian landscape artist, Rod Ferguson, was trained in the great Canadian landscape tradition by the Group of Seven painter, Dr. Arthur Lismer.  Other teachers included Patrick Landsley, Gentile (Gerry) Tondino, the colour field painter, Guido Molinari, and the print maker, Moe Reinblatt. Rod also studied sculpture under John Ivor Smith.  While resident in Prince George, British Columbia, he has returned to landscape painting after a long hiatus, becoming inspired by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, and the spiritual experience of hiking into the high country.  As a contemporary Canadian landscape artist, most of Rod's recent work is an interpretation of photographs taken during his mountain adventures.

A number of paintings represent images from a cross-Canada camping trip in the summer of 2006 and the winter of 2007/08 spent in Montreal.

In April of 2009, Rod, Jo and the two dogs moved to Montreal, and in January 2010, to their new home in Hudson, QC.  

Then in August of 2013, Jo and Rod moved to Calgary to be near their grandson Rundle - yes, named after the mountain he has painted so many times.  Rod is especially glad to be back near the mountains which remain his primary inspiration.






"High Flyers"  2008




"My old teacher, Arthur Lismer (a man I loved, who was 80ish when I knew him), used to say, "You can't paint the Canadian Rockies, they're too big!'  He preferred to paint the underbrush, the microcosm of alpine vegetation.  Of course there are many 'bad' paintings of the Rockies, but the mountains have captured my imagination.  While faithful representations of the mountains, the paintings represent my vision and love for my subject." - Rod

 "Dark Mountain - Rising" 2007

Enjoy these Canadian paintings.  The photos don't necessarily do them justice(another subject yet to be mastered, photographing paintings).  Go to the Painting Gallery page to view more, to read their descriptions and what they represent.  Prices are also available.  Shipping is quick and simple in Canada and the US.

                                                                           "Foggy Lupins" 2012

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