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Incredible! Rod, I knew I enjoyed your paintings, but I had to just say "wow!" out loud when seeing your entire gallery! And Jo, your baskets are GREAT! How fun for the two of you to be using your amazing creative talents! Totally inspiring!!! Thanks!

Danielle Michaud on April 24, 2007
Wow! So this is how you see the world! I am seeing your paintings for the first time. And enjoying your talent. I must see the real paintings some time soon.

Dawn Perkins on March 5, 2007
We just had Steve and Amy in for lunch after church here at St. Andrew's, Quebec City. They told me about your work. Have just "visited" your site: very impressive work, congratulations and good wishes on this the next phase of your life.

Stephen Hayes on February 4, 2007
Hi Rod; We are pleased to see that you have taken the beauty of the Bay of Fundy and incorporated it into your work - it's a kick to see our backyard show up in your gallery! We look forward to your next visit to the Cove Oceanfront Campground -

Kind Regards;

Jack & Beth Halliday on January 24, 2007
Hi Rod:

I have just enjoyed another 'stroll' through your gallery! Your talent is awesome and such a blessing. I really hope to have one of your paintings in our home one day! My favorites are Snow Fall Slim Creek, Winter Rushes, McClure Mill and Morning Mist.

Cheers and I'll be back!

Trudy Swaan on December 5, 2006
They sing!

Sandy Jenvey on October 30, 2006
I went to the website.......I was truly awestruck!!!!!! I have seen so many works from people who paint as a past-time but this is the real thing- The paintings moved me...they are truly magnificent.

Ariane Nelles, Prince George on April 4, 2006
Rod, I have visited your website 3 or 4 times since I learned of it and am in awe. Having been a Rockies hiker myself a few times I can relate to your love of them. Your paintings are amazing, a couple of my favourites are Johnson Canyon and Approach to Cirque Lake. I will keep visiting it and hopefully purchase a painting one day.

Heather Seabrook on April 1, 2006
Checked your site again, love them all, but both Bert and I liked "Bullrushes" a lot!!! Hope to see them all in person some time! Bert and Trudy, London On.

Trudy van der Hoek on March 25, 2006
Rod, your paintings just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work! You're so lucky to have such a satifying hobby in retirement.

Ann Jackson, Montreal on March 9, 2006
Very impressive Rod (both your painting AND your website)! What an awesome way to spend retirement.

Marty and Debbie Rye on February 26, 2006
Hey Rod: Decided it was time to check out the site and maybe do a little shopping.Unfortunately, someone else beat me to it. Both "Red Rundle" and "Two Jack Morning" are already sold. Greatly impressed with your handiwork - both in skill and inspiration. Keep it up. Kathy

Kathy Fraser on January 28, 2006
ROD We thoroughly enjoyed viewing your new Website. We look forward to viewing your works of Art in the near future. We wish you continued success!

Carl and Joy Wikjord on January 15, 2006
Rod, Thank you for sharing this amazing talent. It's a continuing pleasure to share your efforts. I hope you continue to find energy and inspiration. God's Peace

Susan Scott, Prince George, BC on December 30, 2005
Wow! What a talent. Your Gallery is excellent. Every success in your second career.

Ole Sorensen on December 14, 2005

Hello! I grew up in Montreal and Tornto but have been living in Florida for the
past 17 years. I have always loved the Group of Seven and was so pleased to
discover your art work this morning online! How refreshing and inspiring! Wish
that I could afford to order something....maybe one of these days! Keep up the
great work. Thank you!

Lori McAuley on Feb. 28, 2008

I've just been pouring over your web site. WOW. it is wonderful. I am so impressed...Your paintings are luscious- how's that for a description. I love the brilliant colours.

Cathy Victor, Victoria, BC on October 24, 2005
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Your site is great but I am most impressed by your art.

Mark Dickie,Calgary, AB on October 24, 2005
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Congratulations on a geat looking website. I am delighted to see your paintings. They look wonderful. Hope we can see them in person next time we are in P.G. Looks to me like you have made great strides toward making your passion for painting a worthwhile endeavour.

Melody Pretty, Kelowna, BC on October 24, 2005
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Amazing! I've got to admit that I've never been much of a connoisseur of art. Almost the sole exception (well van Gogh does intrigue, too) is Arthur Lismer. I've been off to see his stuff and had to be dragged out of the gallery...I've often thought that I'd put out the bucks for a Lismer (safe bet...I'll never be in charge of such bucks). Your stuff does show the connection.

Allen Aicken, Montreal, QC on October 24, 2005
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The website is really outstanding. Congratulations.
More importantly, the paintings are breathtaking.

Trevor Ferguson, Montreal, QC on October 24, 2005
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WOW! I absolutely love your work!

Helen Anderson, Vancouver BC on October 24, 2005
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Rod, I see your work is coming along quite nicely, Kindest regards, A.Y.Jackson....oops that's A.E.Jackson

A. Jackson on December 14, 2005
Astounding work!! We had no idea you had such talent, besides preaching!!

David and Miho Crawford, Banff, AB on December 12, 2005
What fun to browse through this fine sampling of work via this equally impressive website. Grandpa (and Grandma) Sanderson would be pleased as punch! (Ed Ash too). Seems like you've come full circle. Here's wishing you lots more hikes and painting time. Dec. 7/05

Carolyn Sanderson on December 7, 2005
Damn it, Rod, these paintings are absolutely beautiful! Not to shabby for an "old guy" who grew up in the Parc area of Montreal and graced Rexford Hall with his presence. Good on you, Rod.

If ever we meet in person again, the first round is on me.

Love to you and Jo. Wayne

Wayne Barr on December 6, 2005
Thank you Rod, for sharing so generously, a part of your soul with us through your work. It is inspiring to say the least. The 'Red Rundle' moves me to tears, so beautiful and powerful it is.

Monique Germaine, Prine George, BC on November 27, 2005
My husband and I are proud owners of one of your paintings. Your paintings are the only artwork my husband and I can agree upon! We'd love to have another piece or two in our house.

Debra Adams, Calgary AB on November 24, 2005
Thanks Rod for giving me your web-site address. It certainly was worth a visit and I will pop in again soon. I am so glad that you are enjoying your artistry with time to luxuriate in its great beauty!!

Lisbeth Duncan....Calgary on November 23, 2005
I'm not sure what I am more proud of. The paintings, or the fact my recently retired father developed his own web site. Way to go Dad!

Jamie Ferguson, Calgary AB on November 19, 2005
As you can see, I did visit your site Rod, and it is obvious that you have not been disclosing all of your talents.

Greg Funk on November 16, 2005
Fabulous work (as always).

Mitch Houg on November 6, 2005
Hi Rod. We'd love to see your work in full. We are impressed by the quality. Your paintings are bold, bright and alive.

Harry and Margaret Hufty on October 30, 2005
Hey Rod, I don't care what anyone says, I think you capture the Rockies the same way Emily Carr captured the West Coast. Here's to happy hiking and painting. Cheers.

Al Rempel, Prince George on October 28, 2005
What a great site and what great talent!! I'm delighted for you and already starting to save up to buy my own Ferguson original.

Brian Fraser, North Vancouver, BC on October 24, 2005
Great site! I would have bought the Old Mill in a shot, but I see it's sold. There's another I'm contemplating, though.

Lynne Hill-Ferguson, Hudson, QC on October 24, 2005
These are great...I see that my favorites have sold, but I would love to talk to you about commissioning a piece...

Nancy Farran, West Vancouver, BC on October 24,