Rod's Story
On Late Blooming

It may seem a foolish thing to embark on a new vocation after retirement - and not merely as a retirement project, but as a full fledged vocational commitment.  I feel compelled somehow to share the imagery that gives me so much joy - the Canadian landscape from coast to coast, though of late, mostly the Canadian Rockies. Hence, I retired a little early to resume my first vocation which I have not pursued in any serious way since about 1973.  I've camped in the Rockies now for more than 10 years, enjoying the company of my wife Jo, son Jamie, other family and friends, some feathered, some two-legged, some hairy, some small and some big, some bald, not to speak of my dogs.  Roxie the foxy doxy, is now sadly deceased, Jesse, my hyperactive black shepherd, and sweet Hanna, a Chow Chow - Lab cross who protects us all on hikes long and short - walk with me now.  I have been joined by youth groups and adults from the church I pastored for the last 10 years.  I have also written about the spirituality of hiking in the mountains.



To some extent, painting comes naturally to me, more naturally than hiking does to a middle aged, over weight man afraid of heights.  I remember my maternal grandfather painting ducks flying in and out of Saskatchewan slews, when in his retirement, he and my grandmother visited my parents and their young family in Ontario during the winter.  I made every effort to emulate him.  I still have an oil painting hanging in my house, a landscape, that I painted when I was 10.  It's not bad!


Oils were the medium I used in art school, the School of Art and Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Concordia University, Montreal (B.F.A.). Acrylics were newly invented, and still not recommended.  But I like the directness of acrylics - though I admit that oils are more subtle.  Online contact is absolutely new to me, but I realize the possibility exists to reach people all across the country, and even around the world from the somewhat far away location of Prince George, BC.  Maybe you'll be one of them.  Enjoy the Painting Gallery.  Rod.

I had a one person exhibition in May of 2005 at the Prince George Playhouse.  The theme was "Transition",  the transition from one vocation to another.  A few of the paintings in the Gallery were in that exhibtion.  The struggle to recover technique was evident in many of the paintings.  Another exhibition is planned in the same venue for March of 2006.  The theme is "Mountain Magic," documenting my love affair with the mountains.

In 2007 the exhibition theme was "Winter." 

An exhibition entitled "Mystic Mountains and Majestic Trees` was shown at the Playhouse in late November/early December 2008.

A big change in my life occured when Jo and I moved to Montreal to be closer to family.  With that move came many changes, including the look of the surrounding Quebec landscape and the Montreal cityscape.  It will be 2010 before any significant new paintings will appear on the website.  Rod is also busy as the Interim Preacher at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul in Montreal.  The services can be viewed anytime on their website,


If you can't get to the exhibitions, not to worry, the paintings will be in the Painting Gallery.